PowerPoint Themes vs Templates

I recently gave an Intro/Intermediate PowerPoint 2007 class at Australia Post head office and as promised to the lovely folks who attended, here is some more information on colour schemes versus templates – a common point of confusion for people migrating from V2003 or lower.  In versions lower than 2007 the one stop shop for standard colour, look and content was the creation of a template.  However in <2007 versions this has been split into two dimensions, templates and schemes.


Make your own PowerPoint colour theme (this replaces design templates) if you are putting together ‘the look’ in terms of colours and fonts to be used in the presentation (no text, images or other formatting such as bullets are included in this).  Make a template if you are doing this plus have to include contents (e.g. logos, graphics, text), specific layout or other formatting such as layout and level of bullet points.

Here is the link to the full article on the differences plus a video and other helpful information from the Microsoft website.

Understand the Difference Between Templates and Colour Themes

(In case anyone is wondering, I prefer to do it the old fashioned way and I simply create a template if I want a common theme, but that is not the recommended Microsoft way 🙂 )