Drop Cap in Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010

  1. First you’ll need to place your cursor in the paragraph that is to have the Drop Cap.
  2. Click the Insert tab of the Ribbon.
  3. Here you need to locate the Drop Cap button. Click it to choose a quick Drop Cap style.
  4. Choose Dropped to put  the letter in the paragraph as I did in the example above, or have Word place it in the left margin.
  5. Choosing one of these two preset options will create the Drop Cap with the default setting and the same font as the rest of the paragraph.

If you’d like to change the font for the Drop Cap, or adjust how far it sits from the text, you’ll want to choose Drop Cap Options from the bottom of the list.

When the dialog box opens, you’ll find that it’s small, simple and self-explanatory.

At the top you can change the type of Drop Cap to use.

In the bottom section you’ll find settings for the font and Below that, you can decide how many lines it should sit next to. The more lines – the deeper and bigger the Drop Cap will be.

The last option is the distance the character should be placed from the rest of the text. It is set to zero by default  but if that feels too cramped  set it just a bit bigger, say  0.1 – not a huge change but enough that it mght be more legible.  You will need to play with this one to decide what setting you prefer.