Human Help Network Foundation Thailand

The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand (HHNFT) is an NGO based in Pattaya and was founded in 2008 as an independent branch of the global body known as the Human Help Network. It is now well established as one of Thailand’s pioneer advocates for children’s rights, working with children who are orphaned,  living in poverty in slums or on the streets, and are exposed to the dangers of child labour, human trafficking and sexual exploitation

I have been personally involved with the Pattaya Orphanage in Thailand for the past 20 years (themselves originally recipients of support from the international body of the HHN before setting up an independent branch); so  I was delighted by the invitation this week to act as a consultant to the board of the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand (HHNFT). I consider it a great honour to contribute to the wonderful work this group of selfless people perform and I look forward to working with them; most particularly the hardworking and delightful Director, Khun Radchada Chomjinda.

Visit them at:


All About Outlook Contacts

The Contacts section of Microsoft Outlook is where you keep names and email addresses of people with whom you deal  on a regular basis.  Normally these are people who are external to your Organisation.

The Contacts can be used for much more than just names and email addresses.  It is possible to keep company addresses and phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, and any other pertinent information.  You can also choose how to display your Contacts so that it completely relevant for your purposes. Read more…

LOL in Thailand

I’ve had a very long relationship with Thailand, most specifically The Pattaya Orphange ( from whence I adopted my son many years ago and where I still have strong ties.  To that end a couple of the ‘kids’ (I’m using that term kinda loosely as they are no longer teenagers) who I have family ties with but still live in Thailand, are my Facebook friends.

Well it has taken me ages to realise what 555 means on one of their posts – for some reason I thought it mean’t ‘fabulous’ or ‘great’ (misinformed by another Thai on that one!)  Well it doesn’t, it is their version of lol.

Why you might ask…..well:  in Thai the number 5 is spoken as ‘ha’, so putting 555 is saying ‘hahaha’, so they use it for lol.  How much do you love that??

And just because:

1 – Nhong
2- Song
5 -Hah.

I will be visiting the Catholic Orphanage of Pattaya at Christmas, here they are if you’d like to visit online:

A month of SharePoint Docs Management

Coorparoo, Brisbane.

In early October I began delivering sessions to Vision Australia staff in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on how to work with shared documents in Microsoft SharePoint (uploading, checking in, co-authoring etc) and last week I finished the task.  Over 6 weeks l I delivered 84 sessions to many hundreds of users.  I have to say I was initially worried about the size of project, but once I got into it and started having fun with it the reptition became a challenge.  Having such lovely users also helped and I was particularly stretched by delivering some sessions to people who low vision who used a product called Zoom Text.  In these sessions there was no overhead and I had to be most creative and particularly clear in describing where to find things and and what clues to look for.  For example, many of the low vision users are also colour blind, so as I discovered there was no point to saying things like ‘the small green arrow’ and sing Zoom Text means they are only focusing on one small aspect of the screen and may never view a window in its entirety.

One of the highlights for me, was having the guide dogs (doggie learners themselves or the PR dogs), coming into a class with their trainers.  They bring a whole different energy and it always made my day when one arrived. I am big on the energy of a room, so I am always there early to warm it up; which for me means burning aromatherapy oils (Lemongrass or orange to pep things up followed by some Lavender or Sandalwood to create bottom notes of calm were my choices for this particular project). Plus I made a playlist on my iPod and bring it and speakers in.  I chose some Phillipa Giordano and Cecilia Bartoli for the classical and Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dusty Springfield for the jazz component.  I am actually a big fan of the album called The Abbey by the Benedictine Nuns of Jamberoo and when I was playing Ave Verum Corpus one lady walked in the room for the course and came straight up to me and hugged for having this playing.  As I say, people in this organisation were a delight to work with.  Some photos of the dogs (naturally 🙂 ), follow:

This is Eadie (Robyn and Gayle are her human colleagues)

This is Wilbo, he is only 16 months old.

This is the Esc key, press the Esc key...

Arrow Keys and Windows 7

You can easily use cursor arrows to manipulate open windows in Windows 7 with these simple steps:

Hold your Windows key ( the Windows key is the one located between your Ctrl and Alt keys on your keyboard and has the Windows logo on it).

  • Windows Key + Left Arrow – Snaps the current window towards the left side of the screen.
  • Windows Key + Right Arrow – Snaps the current window towards the right side of the screen.
  • Windows Key + Up – Maximizes the current Window.
  • Windows Key + Down – Minimises the current Window. Once the window is minimized, you need to click on it again if you want to access it.

Favourites in Microsoft Outlook

At the top left of your Outlook Mailbox list there is a section headed Favourites  – you can add Mail folders to this area so they are easily accessible.  This saves you having to scan down the Mailbox Navigation Pane to find a folder you use frequently.  Adding a Folder to Favourites does not remove it from the Mailbox list. Read More….

Flagging in Microsoft Outlook

Thanks once again to the lovely Barbara Stapleton for this great little handout on working with flags in Microsoft Outlook.  Show some love if you like this and it was of benefit, and at least leave a small comment!   Read it here…. Flagging Messages in Outlook.