Saving a Webpage for Offline Reading

Someone emailed me this question yesterday, and the solution is simple and similar in either Firefox or Internet Explorer:

Firefox – click File and choose Save Page As.

Internet Explorer – click File and choose Save as.

However after that, the Save as type drop box is slightly different.

In Internet Explorer you get the  option to save as Web Archive single file (*mht), an option produced by Microsoft as a way to tie together all webpage elements like images and HTML together into a single file. It will look like this:

As you don’t get this option in Firefox, you need to  choose Webpage Complete, (which you can also do in Internet Explorer), which saves the webpage as a folder containing each single HTML page, as opposed to the single file that is produced when the *.mht  has been chosen.

The illustration below shows how a folder is created if a webpage is saved by type Webpage Complete and allows you to see the various options available in the Save as type: box.

3 Comments on “Saving a Webpage for Offline Reading”

  1. Andreas says:

    Hi Angela,

    just recently I had some problems with outdated bookmarks and broken links. – They say the internet forgets nothing once it is out in the open… But WHERE to find it, when you desperatly need it?

    There is a project called “Internet Archive” that provides a “Wayback Machine” which may be useful in these cases:
    Then perhaps with some luck by copy & paste for a fulltext-search with google one might even find out the new valid URL.

    Take care and God bless you

  2. trainingfun says:

    Very useful post and thanks for the link to the Internet Archive site Andreas, I will be sure to check it out.


  3. Angela Lewis says:

    Hi Andreas,

    I’m Renata, very interesting link and very kind of you to share it with us here.

    Yes, it is ironic that we are always cautioned that what you put online stays there forever…until as you say, you actually want to find it!

    You take care too,
    best Wishes,

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