LOL in Thailand

I’ve had a very long relationship with Thailand, most specifically The Pattaya Orphange ( from whence I adopted my son many years ago and where I still have strong ties.  To that end a couple of the ‘kids’ (I’m using that term kinda loosely as they are no longer teenagers) who I have family ties with but still live in Thailand, are my Facebook friends.

Well it has taken me ages to realise what 555 means on one of their posts – for some reason I thought it mean’t ‘fabulous’ or ‘great’ (misinformed by another Thai on that one!)  Well it doesn’t, it is their version of lol.

Why you might ask…..well:  in Thai the number 5 is spoken as ‘ha’, so putting 555 is saying ‘hahaha’, so they use it for lol.  How much do you love that??

And just because:

1 – Nhong
2- Song
5 -Hah.

I will be visiting the Catholic Orphanage of Pattaya at Christmas, here they are if you’d like to visit online:

3 Comments on “LOL in Thailand”

  1. Megenta says:

    I love this post and I will be sure to use 555 liberally. Thanks for an excellent source of IT help, I will be sure to bookmark your page.


    • Andreas says:

      Hm … there is a problem when using html-keywords and symbols…

      Try it once more:
      [opening angle bracket]title[closing angle bracket] [opening angle bracket][forward slash]title[closing angle bracket]


  2. Angela Lewis says:

    Hi Andreas, I will get onto it.


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