Getting Ready for a New Training Day

Giving IT training means I usually lead the class via a overhead projector, hence this particular set up.  However I know how stressful the whole classroom situation can be for people, so I like to do a bit of extra spoiling so that the attendees know I really do care about their comfort level.

 This means aside from bringing course materials such as the manuals, exercises and certificates of completion, to every class I give (and I am always moving between rooms, so I carry it all with me, unless it is rooms like this one where I have a corner and can store some of my things); I bring morning tea such as chocolate biscuits, an oil burner and various oils, my iPod and speakers so we can have music and numerous bags of chocolates and lollies so each participant can have a snack bowl.  I find these personal touches go a long way and the evaluation forms will often reflect the difference a soothing oil or peppy music can make to the day – as in life – the little things are often the most important!


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