Pin Website Links to your Taskbar

If you have Internet Explorer 9 you can now easily pop web links you visit frequently straight onto your Taskbar!

  1. Call up the website address and then simply drag the icon from the address bar down to the Windows Taskbar.
  2. When you let go of the mouse it attaches to the Taskbar.

  1. To remove it, simply right-click on the pinned link and select Unpin this program from taskbar.

4 Comments on “Pin Website Links to your Taskbar”

  1. Andreas says:

    Hi Angela,
    just by chance I found out something useful about the back/forward-arrows in IE 9.

    It works like this: right-click there (or keep the mousebutton pressed for a short while longer) and steps of browsing history will appear and then may be picked as it was before.

    A little off topic maybe, but I hope you like it.
    Best wishes

    • Angela Lewis says:

      Hi Andreas,

      Off topic or not doesn’t matter – I love it – thank you so much for sharing! I’ll put it on my FB IT page as well (with a thank you to you 🙂 )


      • Andreas says:

        Hi Angela,
        thank you so much for your kind reply.
        Please feel free to put my idea anywhere you want so that it may be found easily.

        It is really good work, what you are doing here. To my mind, the best thing about your blog is that it is so inspiring! – Computers are just tool to do useful things… Aren’t they?

        And now (even more off topic) I just want to say: I am really completely devastated since I heard the bad news about the evil killings in Norway.

        I firmly believe that it is our duty as human beings to forestall all that right from the start and help eachother, fragile as we are.


      • Angela Lewis says:

        Hi Andreas,

        Thanks so much for your kind words – I always appreciate you droping by!

        yes, it was a terrible, terrible tragedy that occured in Norway,

        warm regards

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