Filename Paths in Explorer

Most people probably know that right-clicking on a file or a folder usually brings up a menu with basic choices, like “Open” or “Copy”.

What you may not know is that you get even more out of this.  If you have either Windows vista or windows 7, simply hold down  the Shift key when you right click and the usual menu that pops up will now include an option called “Copy as Path”. This copies the entire path of the file or folder to your clipboard, and allows you to paste it wherever you want.

“C:\Users\Angela\Documents\Word\Course outlines Mar 2011.doc”

3 Comments on “Filename Paths in Explorer”

  1. Andreas Brede says:

    This comes very handy.

    Here is one idea how I use this quite often:
    Run a search, then press Ctrl+A, copy all the file-paths to clipboard in one go (as you described). Paste all that into a new textfile in Notepad.

    • Angela Lewis says:

      Hi Andreas,

      Thanks so much for sharing this suggestions – I hadn’t thought of it and I’m sure other folks will find it very handy too.

      best regards

  2. Andreas says:

    Hi Angela,

    1) When sorting files, Windows sometimes (often but not always) follows the biblical line: “last will be first”. (Other than that the sorting order seems mostly correct.) – Therefore please just have a quick look at your list before saving it.

    2) Here you may find a lot of practical hints about naming and organizing files:

    Microsoft At Work
    How to organize computer files and folders: 9 file management tips

    As for the YYYYMMDD format for dates – reader tips #7 – it was was very kind of them to publish my suggestion.
    For technical reasons to my mind that’s simply the best I can think of (and an international standard too: ISO 8601).
    But for everyday use in letters etc. of course that does not matter at all.

    Wish you all the best

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