Lost menus and toolbars in Internet Explorer

I have accidently put myself into full screen mode in Internet Explorer so many times that I should have figured out which pesky key I was accidently hitting to do  this.  After it happened to my friend Barb, we decided we needed an answer – rather than floating the mouse in the top right corner of the screen and eventually getting it back!  So thanks to Barb doing some research, the answer is the F11 key!

If you press F11 you cause Internet Explorer to display as a full screen.  This means no Task bar, no Title bar, no Menu bar, no Toolbar, no Tabs for the different Internet screens.  To return your screen to normal, press F11 again. 

If you point at the top of the screen whilst in full screen some of the hidden elements are visible until you move your pointer back down the screen, so that was the way I’d been getting out of it earlier (just by stumbling up there!)

3 Comments on “Lost menus and toolbars in Internet Explorer”

  1. Barb Stapleton says:


    I have thought about what happens, and worked out how we do it accidentally. Touch typists will reach to press Backspace, without looking of course, and F11 is so close to Backspace that they hit it accidentally. Such a trap for touch typists who’s heads are usually just that little ahead of their fingers, so they just do not know what they hit.


  2. Angela Lewis says:

    Yes, you are completely right. I was sitting here this afternoon thinking exactly the same thing 🙂

  3. Andreas says:

    Usually everybody would first try the ESCAPE-key, and that works for Adobe Reader and evry other program when in fullscreen mode. I think it is about time for Microsoft to follow that standard too.

    Greetings fron Germany

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