Barb, Tech Republic and Watermarks

Barbara Stapleton who works with me contributes to the Tech Republic’s IT forums on a regular basis (as stapleb).  Her advice on adding watermarks to Word documents was added to the list of their recent post, 10 Office Tips I learned in 2010.

Read the Tip here. Congrats Barb!


2 Comments on “Barb, Tech Republic and Watermarks”

  1. Barb Stapleton says:

    Thank you Angela for posting this link. I felt very honoured to have been mentioned twice by Tech Republic in their list of Top 10 Tips for 2010, and I am so pleased that you have acknowledge it. I think it shows that what we do is to aim for either a much simpler way of achieving a desired end result, or cutting edge ideas – something I know we both aim for with all our clients.

  2. Ivan says:

    I visited it. Great tips! I know now how to put watermark on my document. Thanks!

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