Turn a Formula into a Static Number

When you create a formula in Excel, the cell shows the result, but consists of the formula.

So for example, you create a formula that adds 2 and 3.  The destination cell shows ‘5’, but when you click on that cell it will show you the cell addresses of two cells containing the 2 and the 3. 

Sometimes you may prefer to have Excel do the math for you, but have the result as a static number, in this example just a plain old ‘5’ and no cell references.

  1. Create the formula.
  2. Edit the cell containing the resulting formula – this means double clicking on it or pressing the F2 key.
  3. Once your cursor is in that formula cell simply press the F9 key.
  4. Voila, the only thing showing in that cell is the answer or value created by the formula, the formula no longer exists.

One Comment on “Turn a Formula into a Static Number”

  1. John Kapso says:

    That’s the coolest thing I’ve learned today! Thanks much!

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