Computer Games

Well hot on the news that a 14 year old Russian boy beat his dad to death with a sledgehammer because he’d been banned from playing computer games (Boy kills dad with Sledgehammer);  there is a move afoot to gather signatures to create an R-rating for certain  computer games in Australia. Over 41,000 gamers petition attorneys-general for R18+ rating.

Currently games are rated 15+, but as any parent of a teenager will tell you, that is like a stamp of approval that the game will be worth having. 


2 Comments on “Computer Games”

  1. Morgan Stewart says:

    It’s sad to think that this still happens. Especially after the up roar over the many years, and having to hear about things like what happened to Jamie Bulger. So so so much needs to be done in relation to warning etc on computer/video games and deciding on what can actually be sold

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