Collaboration with Google Docs

As Ballarat TAFE students are looking at online collaboration using Google Docs starting this semester, I thought I might share this link with you that comes from the blog kept by a distance education librarian at Connecticut State University.

She talks through her experience of working collaboratively on a paper, and there is some good advice on what worked for her and what didn’t.

Using Google Docs.



6 Comments on “Collaboration with Google Docs”

  1. Yvonne Mantelli says:

    Thank you, Angela. This is really useful.

  2. Danielle O'Donnell says:

    Thank-you Angela for going to the trouble of finding this information about collobrating with google docs.We are just starting but can see the potential.

  3. angelalewis says:

    Thanks ladies! I have to say the concept takes some getting used to – it will be interesting to see what you all think about it once you have finished the project.

  4. Danielle O'Donnell says:

    Angela I originally commented on April 21st when we were just starting to use google docs. We have completed collaboration on a table of internet terms and have I have just collaborated witha a student in another subject on material for a presentation. I think google docs is very handy and please keep up the good work!

    • angelalewis says:

      And you probably know more about this now than I do, as I haveto admit I’ve only read about it, but never actually gone through the process. From your experiences of using it, is there any advice you could offer new users?

      • Yvonne Mantelli says:

        Google docs supports only basic formatting. No landscape orientation, no columns for example. So you need to keep it simple.

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