My other buddy..the F4 key

F4 is the repeater key.  That means if you press F4 after performing an action it will quickly repeat it

For example, if you bold something then move to piece of text and press F4, bold is activated on that text, you could keep moving through the document and continually pressing F4 for more bold.  If you then decide to do something different –  for example change linespacing to 1.5, then move to another section of the document and press F4 again, this time it invokes 1.5 linespacing (having forgotten about the bold!)  You may not want to use with simple things like bolding, but it is useful for a command that requires you to burrow down into menus (say like double underline, or subscript).

F4 ‘remembers’ and repeats your last action until you move on and do something else and works in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Who knew F4 could be so helpful!


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