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I went to a seminar on Online Marketing held by Net Registry last week. Here some of the top of my head notes that I took:

Australians are the biggest online spenders in Asia-Pacific region (prob. because all through Asia you can shop till 10pm at night, every night).

15 seconds is the average before a potential customer moves off your site, so tell them who you are, what you do, what is important to them (e.g. feature, price, brand) and what to do next  – so all this stuff needs to be on the homepage.

73% of people research purchases first online.

69% of Aussie users read blogs (but  70% of blogs are dumped and no longer maintained after 2 months).

Google AdWords are the next best to word of mouth advertising.

Netregistry (unsurprisingly as they consult in this area) recommend settings a pay per click campaign, which uses google AdWords (the adds that appear on the right side of any Google search you do). While you can do it yourself they say that having a professional marketer such as themselves (a search engine optimisation program with them would cost around $200)per month) gives the best outcome.  Doing it yourself set up a daily budget (according to my notes $1 cost per view of your add), create a keyword list, track and monitor results.  they did also mention that what they suggest is to set up a page that has everything on it separate to the webpage where customers land after they click an AdWords campaign.  I would have thought landing on the Homepage would have done the trick and you modify that page so that it avoids the 15 second bounce.

Ways to have yourself on the first Google search – AdWords, having links from other websites, plus ensure you keep changing the content so that when Google checks here is always new stuff for them to index. If you don’t it will stop dropping by as it figures there are no changes to update.]

15,000 websites are submitted to Google daily.

Use Google analytics to monitor your statistics (just go to Google and type this in, the link comes straight up).

Meta key words – 1 line summary of your website

Page Title – no more than 50 words

Metadescription – no more than 15o words.  REad up on Search Engin Optimization Methods:

Do some research on SEO (search engine optimisation).

Here’s a couple of articles from Nett Magazine:

How to Define and Engage Your Audience Online  and a beginner’s guide to the perfect e-commerce site.


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