Converting Footnotes/Endnotes in Word

Amended 23/11/2011 for 2007 and 2010 users – see below.

There is nothing too tricky about using a footnote in Word, you find your spot and then you click Insert and then Footnote.  Your choice is Endnote (this means at the end of the document or section) or Footnote,  at the foot of the page where you are making the comment, reference or whatever you need to do. The most common use is when writing an article and you want to refer to the original author of a cited work.

Now all that aside:  I use footnotes a lot, as I write a fair number of articles and am currently writing a book. I had done a couple of hundred pages using Endnotes (my notes at the end of the sections), when I decided to change them to footnotes.  After a couple of dozen pages where I was doing it manually (yep, what was I thinking…) I stumbled on the fact that they can be converted – endnotes to footnotes and vice-versa.

For 2003 Users:

  1. Click on Insert Menu, choose Footnotes
  2. From the dialog box click on Convert.
  3. Click on Convert all Endnotes to Footnotes, or Convert All Footnotes to Endnotes (depending on what you want).
  4. Click OK and the deed is done!

For 2007 and 2010 users:

  1. Simply click the References Tab
  2. Then click the dialog box launcher in the bottom right corner of the References group and exactly the same dialog box opens- see below – proceed as previously described.


11 Comments on “Converting Footnotes/Endnotes in Word”

  1. Thanks for posting, Angela. Has anyone noted that your photograph looks like Barbara Eden?

  2. Angela Lewis says:

    Hi Eric,

    How funny, no they haven’t – but I’ll take that as a compliment as I grew up watching “I Dream of Jeannie” :-).

    I swung by and took a look at your site, you seem very passionate about your work: family law is such a thorny field.

    Hope you found the info you need here,

    best wishes

  3. Stephen says:

    Yes, I found what I was looking for: converting footnotes to endnotes. Thanks Angela. Your answer was so simple and straightforward. Strange that I was directed to your site by Microsoft Help. Maybe you could take over that whole thing and transform it to something more clearly understandable than it usually is to me. Stephen.

    • Angela Lewis says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you so much for the compliment, that was really sweet of you – are you serious about the redirection, or were you just pulling my leg? Even if you were – I loved it :-),


  4. Many thanks – very simple and very useful.

  5. Karen Offen says:

    I have WORD 2010, and am trying to convert endnotes to footnotes.
    The footnote/endnote option is no longer on the Insert Menu but on another menu called References. But there seems to be no dialog box there that allows me to convert.

    Help! where is it now?

    • Angela Lewis says:

      Hi Karen,
      yes, it is still there: For Word V2010 just click the References tab and then click the dialogue box launcher in the right of the References group. As soon as you do this, you get exactly the same window as illustrated in this hint originally, so simply choose ‘Convert’ – let me know this works for you, as it works fine for me.

  6. Rob says:

    Thank you very helpful. It seems so easy but is so well hidden. I landed on your information from a search in Microsoft help too.

    • Angela Lewis says:

      Hi Rob,
      thanks so much for your feedback and I’m very glad it helped – I thought the other chap was pulling my leg when he said it came in the Microsoft Help – but there you go! I was just recently in your fair state, working with Vision Australia in Coorparoo – you guys turned on the lovely weather – as always!

  7. Thank you Angela, there is so much hidden behind those grey arrows. And Yes, MS Word 2010 redirects to you.

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