Google’s Sidewiki – No place to Hide

Thanks to a blog post on Planet Domain by Jonathan Crossfield I learned about Google’s new offering, Sidewiki, which is still in testing stage. Basically the idea is that Sidewiki gives everyone who uses the product the ability to leave comments – positive or negative – against every single webpage.

Website owners can’t stop them, delete them or moderate them. As Jonothan writes: “Got a particularly unpopular product? Expect people to say so, right next to your page for everyone else with Sidewiki enabled to see. Of course, this can work for or against a business website. Some strong positive posts could represent your brand well and encourage others to take up your offer. However, criticisms will be more visible. Instead of these conversations taking place elsewhere on the web where only some of your audience may come across them, every visitor to your site with the Google toolbar installed will be able to see them”.

It is a a pretty major development and is bound to be controversial.  Read the rest of the article


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