Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys

Internet Explorer has a Favorites Center,  which is where your favourite bookmarks are kept.  As well as using the mouse  you can work with the keyboard, using these easy shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + I – Open Favorites
  • Ctrl + Shift + I – Open Favorites in pinned mode
  • Ctrl + B – Organize Favorites
  • Ctrl + D – Add current page to Favorites
  • Ctrl + J – Open Feeds (For RSS Feeds)
  • Ctrl + Shift + J – Open Feeds in pinned mode
  • Ctrl + H – Open History

2 Comments on “Internet Explorer Shortcut Keys”

  1. Andreas says:

    Just updating:

    With IE 9 now
    Ctrl + J – shows the Download Manager
    Ctrl + G opens – Feeds, and
    Ctrl + Shift + G – Feeds in pinned mode

    My alltime favorite one is:
    Spacebar – scroll down one page (i.e. height of window)
    Shift + Spacebar – up one page.
    (Good news is, that works in a lot of other applications too: e.g. Adobe Reader.)


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