Broadband for Seniors

One of my older friends sent me a clipping from The Senior News about the Federal Government’s $15 million Broadband for Seniors initiative.  The accompanying picture shows an 86 year old turoring a lady of 102 on how to use the Internet – how fabulous is that!  Partners in this initiative are NEC, U3A and Adult Learning Australia. Broadband for Seniors.


4 Comments on “Broadband for Seniors”

  1. drisstoukhsati says:

    Excellent initiative, great to see the goverment doing something positive for seniors.

  2. Shirley White says:

    More power to all the Seniors & people with Disabilities who sign up to attend.

    There is so much they will gain access to by learning the Internet. It is truly limitless.

    Shirley White

  3. Shirley White says:

    In what could be an interesting initative the City of Darebin, Victoria is examining costing for the viability of ——

    Free Wireless Internet access for Resident's including Seniors,Schools & Business.

    In the U.S. hundreds of Councils have successfully established this type of Network.

  4. angelalewis says:

    And a councillor at Darebin Council has just been awarded a $10,000 to study the idea of making broadband available to all ratepayers. Good work if you can get it!

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