2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,300 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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This Blog has Moved!

I’ve now integrated this blog into my website….so come on over to http://www.angelalewis.com.au/blog!


Are you cut out to work in IT?


I loved this article from Tech Republic that lists 10 signs that you may not be cut out for IT:

Takeaway: IT pros often complain about the downsides of their jobs. But what if you really AREN’T meant for an IT career?

It’s a tough world out there. Anyone who’s ever worked in IT knows just how tough it is. And if you’re not totally up for the challenge, there will always be someone else who is. But for anyone considering getting into the world of IT, or for those considering getting out of IT… how do you know? How do you know whether you are really cut out for the career that chews up and spits out its young? Well, I have a handy list of signs that maybe IT isn’t the best fit for you.

1: You lack patience

Patience is most certainly a virtue in IT. When some problems strike, they strike with vengeance and most often require a good deal of time to resolve. If you are without patience, you’ll either give up, lose your mind, or pull out all your hair. But the need for patience doesn’t end at dealing with problems. Many times, end users will test your patience more than the technology will. If that’s the case, I recommend that you either get away from having to deal with end users or (if that’s not possible), leave IT immediately.

Read the entire article….


Gym Pact iPhone App: get paid when you go to the gym

Well now I have heard everything:  this iPhone app (which they say is available for use internationally), works like like this:

You download it, register and commit to a certain number of days per week in at particular gym. You also committ to paying/being docked a certain sum if you do not meet that committment.  The money goes into a common pool and the members who meet their target of attending get paid.  I have not downloaded it,  so I can’t judge or endorse it, but you can check it out here:

Check it out here: http://www.gym-pact.com/

And I would LOVE to hear any feedback from those who have actually tried it out.

Saving a Webpage for Offline Reading

Someone emailed me this question yesterday, and the solution is simple and similar in either Firefox or Internet Explorer:

Firefox – click File and choose Save Page As.

Internet Explorer – click File and choose Save as.

However after that, the Save as type drop box is slightly different. Read the rest of this entry »

Using F8 for Word Highlighting

In Word (all versions), the  F8 is one handy little key:

  • pressed twice, it selects the word around (or touching) the cursor
  • pressed three times it selects the whole sentence the cursor is sitting in
  • pressed four times it selects the whole paragraph the cursor is sitting in
  • pressed five times, it selects the whole document.
  • Select odd amounts: position the cursor where you wish to begin, press F8 and then use the cursors to extend the selection.
  • To escape from selecting selecting mode, press the Esc key.

Human Help Network Foundation Thailand

The Human Help Network Foundation Thailand (HHNFT) is an NGO based in Pattaya and was founded in 2008 as an independent branch of the global body known as the Human Help Network. It is now well established as one of Thailand’s pioneer advocates for children’s rights, working with children who are orphaned,  living in poverty in slums or on the streets, and are exposed to the dangers of child labour, human trafficking and sexual exploitation

I have been personally involved with the Pattaya Orphanage in Thailand for the past 20 years (themselves originally recipients of support from the international body of the HHN before setting up an independent branch); so  I was delighted by the invitation this week to act as a consultant to the board of the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand (HHNFT). I consider it a great honour to contribute to the wonderful work this group of selfless people perform and I look forward to working with them; most particularly the hardworking and delightful Director, Khun Radchada Chomjinda.

Visit them at: http://www.hhnthailand.org.

All About Outlook Contacts

The Contacts section of Microsoft Outlook is where you keep names and email addresses of people with whom you deal  on a regular basis.  Normally these are people who are external to your Organisation.

The Contacts can be used for much more than just names and email addresses.  It is possible to keep company addresses and phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, and any other pertinent information.  You can also choose how to display your Contacts so that it completely relevant for your purposes. Read more…

LOL in Thailand

I’ve had a very long relationship with Thailand, most specifically The Pattaya Orphange (www.pattayaorphanage.com) from whence I adopted my son many years ago and where I still have strong ties.  To that end a couple of the ‘kids’ (I’m using that term kinda loosely as they are no longer teenagers) who I have family ties with but still live in Thailand, are my Facebook friends.

Well it has taken me ages to realise what 555 means on one of their posts – for some reason I thought it mean’t ‘fabulous’ or ‘great’ (misinformed by another Thai on that one!)  Well it doesn’t, it is their version of lol.

Why you might ask…..well:  in Thai the number 5 is spoken as ‘ha’, so putting 555 is saying ‘hahaha’, so they use it for lol.  How much do you love that??

And just because:

1 – Nhong
2- Song
5 -Hah.

I will be visiting the Catholic Orphanage of Pattaya at Christmas, here they are if you’d like to visit online: http://www.thepattayaorphanage.org.